We are a Pune based brand which focuses on using films as a strong medium of expression,

Be it in the creative area or the corporate world. The range of media we work with includes Audio/Video, 2D and 3D Animation along with creating new avenues for film-makers and corporate.
We strive to achieve the perfect balance between creativity and professionalism by equalizing varied array of talent such as independent film-makers, musicians, illustrators with corporate.
Apart from being a full-fledged audio and video production unit, we constantly encourage experimentation in films and are currently building a network of independent film-makers in Pune, to bring about a cultural revolution, so to speak. We also produce and encourage many in-house short films, as well as other talents.

Now that you have seen what we have done, lets see what were can do together. Animation, Corporate, TVC, Explainer, Promo, Motion Graphics, VFX, Documentaries, we have done it all, and we want to do more of it.