We all have good stories.

Let’s Make Better.

We make films for brands that resonate with today’s audience. Just look at the work we have done.

The right stories told in the right way.

And that’s what we specialise in. Whether your story is that of a brand, a product, or simply an event, we go to lengths to ensure we understand the true essence of it. And from this essence, we conceptualize, script, storyboard, shoot, edit and craft the film you need.



Availing our award-winning service mean you can trust us with taking your story from concept to storyboard to production to editing to colour and graphics – all in-house! This allows your story to be as cohesive as possible whether it be a video or film or animation production. We employ this in broadly 8 categories.

Feature Films

Feature films are the magnum opus of visual storytelling. And our passion for the same means we put great care to every bit of the process. Whether it be scripting, pre-production, production or post-production, we have a team capable of delivering the best to tell the story better.


Our 7 years of experience in making corporate branding and communication videos for some of the most notable brands out there mean we have a team skilled to communicate your brand. Our process ensures that there are at every step of the production, we are ensuring that the video is exceeding the bar set.


Catching your audience’s eye in today’s world within 5, 10, or 30 seconds means having to constantly innovate visually. And that is something we take pride in. We strive to put a unique aesthetic that mirrors the brand in every ad project we take up.


Stories are important. And few are more important than the stories we find in real life. Which makes it even more important that they be engaging and immersive in every respect that catches the imagination of the audience. The documentaries we produce reflect this philosophy.


A wise man once said ‘Keep it simple.’ But sometimes simplicity can be difficult to achieve, but never impossible. Understanding the essence of the product, weaving a story that highlights the process and features in a clear crystal manner, ensuring the colours, music and tempo tie it all up… That’s the way we do it.

Animation & motion-graphics

Animation remains one of the most creative mediums where the only limit is your imagination. And that’s why we love to experiment with its different forms ranging from stop-motion to compositing to 2-D animation to mixed media. Combined with sleek and tasteful motion graphics, we have told quite a number of complex stories in an clear engaging manner.

Music Videos

We believe that the purpose of a music video is to elevate a song, irrespective of the genre. And every music video we have crafted have been an endeavour to bring out the core of a song – an effort that has been recognized by Rolling Stone India.


Showcased in ads, corporate videos, and even a feature film, our ability with the drone means you never have to worry about showing scale again. Bringing a cinematic eye to what a drone can do, can change your perspective.

Born in 2012 in Pune, LMB Productions was setup because of a need for making better films. 

Our hearts have never wavered. Instead we scoured out new opportunities to bring in its unique brand of storytelling from traditional forms such as documentaries, short films and feature films to newer avenues such as corporate branding and communication, social media branding, concerts and music videos, animation videos, web-series, explainer videos.

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