2012 – Now

LMB Productions was setup by its three founders because of a simple need – a need for better films.

Today after 7 years, we have grown to establish itself as one of the leading video production houses in Pune, offering end-to end visual solutions for our clients.

But our heart has never wavered.

Instead we scoured out new opportunities to bring in its unique brand of storytelling from traditional forms such as documentaries, short films and feature films to newer avenues such as corporate branding and communication, social media branding, concerts and music videos, animation videos, web-series, explainer videos.

And as we matured and honed our skills, recognition came to us.

From winning the Silver in the Indian Film Project in 2014 for ‘And then he thought’, to ‘Roaches’, a music video we collaborated with Run Pussy Run declared the best Indian music video by Rolling Stone India for 2018, every year has only given us more to learn and be better.

Now with over 500 projects to our name, we are hungry for more.

To explore and experiment the thresholds of visual creativity, to paint the screen with shades of every colour, to move audience, to make them laugh & smile & cry, to tell a story true… all the while keeping in mind to be better the next day.


Meet The Team


Madhu’s cinematography style is as flamboyant as the man himself. But what makes Madhu truly special is his willingness to go to any lengths to get the right shot – which once included running along a cavern following a subject with his eyes glued to a camera. When not obsessing over films, lights and frames (for hours), you can find him spending time with his family, cooking, swimming, and running. His only drawback? He supports Liverpool FC.


Anurag’s approach to directing, writing, animating and editing is defined by his relationship with stories. His varied experience in everything visual from music videos to documentary to feature films has taught him that the true exhilaration of cinema is found when you push the boundaries, when you create worlds and characters and let them be stranger than fiction. Meeting him means talking either about films or about the kind of noodles, ramen, cake, brownies he plans to create next.


Sameer’s cinematography is his chosen canvas for expression. And it is as bold and purposeful as it can get. Having picked up a camera when he was in college, he hasn’t let go of it since.  He has even picked up editing and colour grading but frames will always remain his first true love. His work on documentaries, web-series and even a feature film sing of his capabilities loud enough that he can afford to be quiet about it himself. Instead he focuses his free time and energy on everything automobile, whether it be riding out, or watching races, both old and new.


Film-making for Joel, comes as first nature. With direction, writing and editing, he applies his academic programmer aptitude to make and break codes, now in filmmaking. He makes magic, in the form of documentaries and takes his wizardry further, into his edits. Joel aspires to change the ways of the craft and bring his own twist to everything he works on. And as long as he is given something to munch on, you’ll find him working happily. Besides food, his love include sleeping on road trips, fantasy fiction and badminton.


Ashish has gotten so good at producing and making the impossible happen that the entire team now looks to him for everything non-work related as well. He has a natural gift for identifying compelling stories, and understanding people, whether they be clients or his own team. Add that to his skills with the camera, and his knack for managing time and resources, the bar of every video/film is raised when he is involved. And somehow, in the middle of all this, he also finds time to ride to the mountains, dream about his next bike, drool over Star Wars, and make excellent cocktails.


You, the everpresent client, friend, artist we are looking to work with. Our muse, the one with the stories to tell. What would we be without your stories?

Come Say Hello.

We are based out of a nice office that has coffee and food flowing and where good stories are told. Come say hello. We would like that.


LMB Productions, Pune